Mumpreneur from my kitchen table!

Mumpreneur from my kitchen table!

Elena Tagliaferri, a passionate mumpreneur on a mission, tells us how, with a full-time job, and two little ones, she unexpectedly started a successful side hustle, and her top tips on what to do if you want to do the same!


A new and life changing journey

I had gone back to work full time in the NHS corporate world after a year on maternity leave when I found myself coming home feeling exhausted, physically and mentally drained every day to the point where I struggled to put my kids to bed at night. Sounds familiar? This feeling was recurrent and very unpleasant and I was struggling to get through the days I was simply exhausted...I knew going back to work full time was going to be harder after a second child, however I also knew I didn’t want to give up on all the hard work and years spent studying to gain a professional qualification (with many sacrifices made along the way) that had got us to where we are today. Then, one summer day, the same colleague that introduced me to the NHS 18years previously, contacted me for a coffee and a catch up. Little did I know then that this was to be the first day of a new and life changing journey!

After a long coffee break (it was 18 years to catch up on after all!) Tracy recommended I should start drinking a liquid gold that had given her and her family huge health benefits as well as increased energy. Something I was seriously lacking working full time with 2 small children! That liquid gold was the "pure" Aloe Vera. I had the juices from the shops but I was assured that this was truly something else.  I immediately said YES PLEASE!! To be honest I would have tried anything that would help me feeling energised particularly when she also said it was completely natural.

Well, the yellow 1 litre bottle not only helped me regain energy beyond belief with all the benefits that brings, within 10 days, it opened up an unexpected opportunity to work for myself, very flexibly around my existing commitments and family needs all from my kitchen table!  It felt like I had truly found something that would allow me to continue to be professional, earn a great income with a whole host of personal development all around the very limited pockets of time I had as a full-time working mum. This is how I started my ‘side business’ in the network marketing sector and focus now on developing it to become my main source of income. There are of course many other ways to start a side business, you could develop a product or a service of your own or buy a franchise. Or completely retrain. However, I felt, these would usually require a large amount of upfront investment and time commitment. Network marketing is completely risk free, it requires little investment and no expertise just a desire to help others. I work my business in the pockets of time in partnership with a 42-year-old global company in the Natural Healthcare sector. I not only recommend high quality health and wellbeing products that have brought me and my family amazing health benefits, the most rewarding aspect is that I have been able to help many other people feel amazing too!  The Network marketing business model has grown hugely despite the pandemic, it’s the vehicle that will allow me to be a present mum at home, travel the world for free (when possible), and fulfil my dream to live by the seaside in the Mediterranean.

It's all about networking! 

How does it work and what are the benefits of this business model you may ask? The clue is in the name NETWORK Marketing, it’s all about the networking! My job description is simply using the products I love, make friends and sharing them with integrity and passion. Everything else, personal website, licence to operate in 160 countries, products and business literature was given to me in a box, the so-called business in a box.  The cheapest way to start a business!  Networking is important in any businesses; it re-enforced the say that it’s often “not what you know but who you know” to succeed in life. This didn’t come easy to me at first being an introvert by nature (I’m an accountant after all!), but the help of my mentor (my friend for 18years) I have been able to develop a self confidence that I never truly knew I had and by getting out of my comfort zone this has now given me a whole new perspective on parenting as well which I didn’t expect so the benefits for building this business have been so much more than I expected – in Robert Kiyosakis words it truly is “The Business of the 21st Century”. 

10 tips for building an online business

These are my tips for building an online business:

  1. Attend business networking meetings- formal or informal get to know new people every day and share what you do - collaborate
  2. Read personal development books- I struggled to find the time to read books since having children, I now set 20 minutes to read at least 10 pages a day. They help you to find your purpose in life.
  3. Practice recording a 60 seconds elevator speech-the first impression counts when you meet new people and potential customers, practice, practice and practice until everyone knows what you do and offer in 60 seconds.
  4. Attend your company meetings as often as you can.
  5. Attend company trainings where you learn from top leaders in the industry, become an expert in your field.
  6. Leverage the use of social media- have a social media strategy and a process to follow that sets out easy steps, connect with new people every day and be visible online, share your story and what you do, create a group and community where people with same interests can engage and socialise.
  7. Be yourself and set business and family goals - set a plan to achieve your goals big and small and touch your business every day in order to achieve those goals. It’s so satisfying ticking them off.
  8. Find a mentor- this for me has been hugely beneficial on my journey as my mentor is ALWAYS there and understand the struggles you encounter along the way. You’re in business for yourself but never by yourself!
  9. Find a product you know you can’t be without in your life – it’s important to look after yourself and your wellbeing. Let’s face it mums wear many hats during the day, recognise when you need to pause and take a break to rest and refresh your mind. Take a walk in nature, sleep, exercise and eat a healthy diet. They all contribute maintaining a healthy mind and inspire you with your business.
  10. Surround yourself with positive and uplifting people, you’ll be motivated receiving positive energy and inspired by people who appreciate and encourage you to do what you love.

These are just some tips I learned along my journey in business I hope they’ll help you with your business and if you’re looking for one then feel free to connect me.


If you’d like to know more about Elena's business or the benefits of drinking Forever Aloe Vera you can connect with Elena using the details below.



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