5 foolproof ways to get back time to run your business!

5 foolproof ways to get back time to run your business!

Abbie Akinfenwa, author, and time saving guru, shares her top time saving tips for small business owners, so you can focus on the things that matter the most. 

Time Saving

Imagine all the things you could achieve if you had just an extra couple of hours in your working day. 

If you’re feeling time-starved and worry that your business may be beginning to suffer as a result, then it’s time to review where you are wasting time and what you can do to gain more hours in your working day. 

Your time is best spent developing new ideas, progressing your business, and focussing on revenue-generating tasks, but if you’re bogged down with the day-to-day running of your business then business growth could be slow. 

A shortage of time can be caused by many different factors including inefficient processes, unorganised information, distractions, and work overload. 

Here are five ways you can counteract some of these common problems and start gaining more time in your working day. 

1. Organise data and information 

Being unorganised could be costing your business far more time than you realise. Keeping databases up-to-date, organising your files, and staying on top of your accounts can save you countless minutes otherwise spent searching for important information or untangling and sorting through unorganised files and documents. If you’ve fallen so far behind with organisational tasks that you just can’t face them, why not hire some help, for example, a Virtual PA to help you get back on track again. 

2. Streamline processes 

Review, analyse, and redesign time-consuming processes to identify and eliminate inefficiencies. Do your research to find out whether there is any technology or software available that could speed up or even automate the process to save you time. 

3. Identify your most productive time 

Most people find that there are certain times during the day when they are at their most alert, focussed and productive. Identify the times that you are at your most productive and plan your day accordingly. Tackle the most important and difficult tasks during your most productive hours and the less taxing jobs for when you may be feeling tired to help get more done. 

4. Avoid interruptions 

In today’s technology-driven world, our train of thought is constantly being interrupted by phone calls, app notifications, text messages and emails. If you feel like you’re struggling to keep concentration due to constant distractions, then limiting access by switching things off could help you to work more efficiently, stay focussed, and be more productive. Assign yourself certain times during the day when you mute notifications and shut your emails down to allow yourself to concentrate on specific tasks. 

5. Enlist the help of a Virtual PA 

Know your limits and recognise when it’s time to get help and support with running your business. If you’ve streamlined your processes and all but eliminated procrastination and interruptions but you’re still feeling time-starved, it could be because you’ve simply got too much on your plate. If you’re bogged down with the day-to-day running of your business, then you may be finding it difficult to find the time for the important revenue-boosting tasks and activities that will help your business to develop and grow. Enlisting the help of a Virtual PA is an affordable and flexible alternative to the commitment of employing someone full-time. 


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